Best Local Burger Store in Japan: Lucky Pierrot Hakodate

About Lucky Pierrot Hakodate

Founded in 1987, Lucky Pierrot in Hakodate is more than just a burger joint; it’s a culinary institution steeped in local flavor and charm. Nestled amidst the bustling streets of Hakodate, Lucky Pierrot is a beloved fixture, known for its quirky décor and mouthwatering menu. Since its inception, Lucky Pierrot has expanded to include a network of 17 stores across the city, ensuring that delicious flavors are accessible to all. With a diverse menu offering affordable options ranging from ¥500 to ¥1500, every bite at Lucky Pierrot is a tantalizing taste of Hokkaido’s culinary heritage.

Lucky Pierrot Hakodate Bay Area
Image courtesy of Travel Hakodate

THE Absolute Best Burger Joint in Japan

At first we a little skeptical about this place. Just like how all food franchises work in Singapore, the moment you have the second outlet, quality dramatically drops. Not to mention that there are 17 outlets here in Hakodate! Anyway it was late and only had a few puny tempura fish while were at Onuma Quasi-National Park. So we simply went into the nearest one to the station, needless to say, also the one without a queue.

Menu of Lucky Pierrot Hakodate
Here’s a pic of their menu as of 2019 for reference

The interior is quirky and all. We get that they’re trying to do the retro American Diner style kinda theme. But these clowns and stuff, the look more Halloween than our very own USS Halloween Horror Nights. Other than that we’ve got no complaints, it was a cosy getaway from the freezing cold outside though.

The expectation of how great the food tastes increases exponentially as you wait for the meal. In fact we waited quite a bit for our food even though there wasn’t a queue outside. However when the food arrived, we were absolutely blasted. THIS IS HANDS DOWN THE BEST BURGER WE’VE EVER EATEN ALL OUR LIVES.

Although the cheese burger and the chicken burger doesn’t look the most picturesque, but man we were impressed. There’s a magical taste in it, something that cannot be described in words. If we had a choice we’d eat this more often. Unfortunately this exists only in Hakodate.

Burgers in Lucky Pierrot Hakodate
Burgers in Lucky Pierrot Hakodate

In all honesty the logo and branding is in dire need of a refresh cum rebrand. It is highly probable that no creative agency is able to do their revamp because they dug their eyes out seeing this abomination of a website. But who cares about a website if you can sell a million burgers ya, just saying. For more info, click here:

Information About Lucky Pierrot Hakodate

Opening Hours: 8:00 am to 10:00 pm daily (hours vary depending on branch)
Average Price: ¥500 to ¥1,500