Taiwan Trip

20th to 30th Apr 2019

Our fourth trip, once again to Japan this time to Taiwan. Taiwan is about bubble tea and night markets. Cheap food, good food, eat, sleep, rinse and repeat. Oh and I honored my promise to bring her here for the sky lanterns.

What we love: Blazing around the streets of Taipei on our motorcycles, cheap and good night market food, and Gaomei Wetlands.
What we don’t: Most attractions look so 1970s.
What we think: ★★★★☆ (Good, but still, no choice then will be back).

Day 1: Hello Taiwan – The Heart of Asia

Day 1 - Fengjia Night Market

Welcome to Taiwan! After our last red-eye flight to Tokyo, we learnt our lesson and decided not to do it again. We figured out the hard way that the accommodation saved for the night doesn’t do any justice to the amount of lethargy for the day. Besides, when you take SQ, there’s just so much…

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Day 2: Rainbow Village and Miyahara

Day 2 - Rainbow Village

Exploring Taichung This morning we were provided with McDonald’s breakfast from the hotel. Basically it’s just McDelivery to our room. Tried their pork muffin, pretty decent, something new too. New in a sense that we were served McDelivery food at a hotel for the first time. Today we’re gonna explore Rainbow Village, and the legendary…

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Day 3: The Attractions of Taichung’s City Fringe

Day 3 - Gaomei Wetlands

Traveling to the Outer Tourist Attractions Of Taichung A second day in a row, with the exact same MacDonald’s breakfast isn’t that cool at all. Breakfast options are pretty limited in this area therefore we got no other choice. And we needed to get our butts out of bed early, because today we are visiting…

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Day 4: A Day at Sun Moon Lake

Day 4 - Sun Moon Lake

Our One Day Itinerary of Sun Moon Lake Today we say goodbye to Taichung, as we headed inwards to Sun Moon Lake. The national scenic area is home to the largest freshwater lake in Taiwan. An exciting journey indeed! Our driver Mr. Wu, arrived at Lumi to pick us up on the dot at 7:30…

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Day 5: Qing Jing, a Day Close to Nature

Day 5 - Qing Jing

Onward to Qing Jing, Officially Goodbye Taichung Today we will head eastward, into the mountainous areas, right smack in the middle of Taiwan. And we will land at Qing Jing, part of the Ren’Ai Township, famously known for Qing Jing Farm. Rise and shine to a full view of the lake! A pity we didn’t…

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Day 6: Hualien and Taroko, Rocks and Stones

Day 6 - Hualien

Hualien and Taroko Gorge, the Eastern County of Taiwan We woke up a little earlier to catch the sunrise from our balcony. And we realized the weather is too cold for our liking, thus we went back to bed for another 30 minutes. The air was fresh however. We got up for a simple breakfast…

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Day 7: Goodbye Hualien, Hello Taipei

Day 7 - Taipei

Hello Taipei, the Capital of Taiwan Rise and shine! Today we are heading northwards to Taipei, the capital of the country, and staying in the Ximending area. There’s going to be a surprise for Minmin later, but for now, breakfast at the hotel. The food was average, home-cooked style, but well prepared with lots of…

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Day 8: Relaxing at Beitou Hot Spring Park

Day 8 - Beitou Hotspring

Beitou Hot Spring and Huashan 1914 Creative Park Woke up early for the highlight of the trip, our Motorcycle Maniacs tour. Seems interesting because these guys are the only ones conducting this kind of rides in the whole of Taiwan. We got our tickets from Klook and were all so ready to go for it…

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Day 9: Shifen and Jiufen Old Street


Our First Taipei Motorcycle Tour We got up early for our Taipei Motorcycle Tour. Despite only being able to go for the half day Dawn Tour, we were super excited. Instead of the usual sight-seeing methods, we’ll be riding with our drivers on their stylish motorcycles! Our riders Xiao Zhu and Yi Xin arrived at…

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Day 10: Starbucks Taipei 101 and Shilin Night Market


A Visit to the Highest Starbucks in the World We’re going to explore a few places today, the last leg of our itinerary already. And this morning, we are going to the highest Starbucks Coffee joint in the world! I’ve been here the last round with my bff @instantliam. So this time, I’ll be bringing…

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Day 11: Goodbye Taiwan


From Taichung to Hualien to Taipei Our trip has come to an end. Sadly it is now time to say goodbye to Taiwan. We had a last shot at the traditional breakfast place again before packing up and heading for lunch. We met the Airbnb hosts on our way out, and they showed us the…

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