Day 11: Goodbye Taiwan

From Taichung to Hualien to Taipei

Our trip has come to an end. Sadly it is now time to say goodbye to Taiwan. We had a last shot at the traditional breakfast place again before packing up and heading for lunch. We met the Airbnb hosts on our way out, and they showed us the other Rilakkuma room which was much bigger.

Look at this woman, not sure if she’s pouting because we’re going home soon or because she’s leaving her beloved Rilakkumas. There’s this bitter-sweet feeling when we left, probably because we’re finally leaving this shady building, but sian because reality.

Kaneko Hannosuke Breeze Taipei Station

Met my bff’s mama at Kaneko Hannosuke Breeze Taipei Station for lunch. She insisted on getting the bill because that’s her home-ground. Roar. Anyway this place had pretty decent food. Really comparable to Japan’s standards of Tendons (the Japanese cuisine, not that rubbery piece of meat). Had a really nice catch up with her, we’ll definitely see her around when she goes back to Singapore.

Goodbye Taiwan. Will We Be Back Again?

If we’d set the bar slightly lower, Taiwan would have been the perfect holiday destination. Nevertheless, we had lots of fun, from the colorful village to the swampy wetlands. Got ourselves sun-kissed at Sun Moon Lake while scooting around. Stayed at a minsu and visited a cardboard-only restaurant. Drove miles down the Taroko Gorge area. Had an exhilarating motorcycle tour up to Jiufen and visited the legendary A-mei cafe. Did what every tourist did – released sky lanterns. Scooted (yet again) around Tamsui area and soaked in the Beitou springs. Also visited the tallest Starbucks in the world, how cool is that! And not to mention, we had alot (by alot we meant A LOT) of cholesterol inducing night market food.

We live, we love, we travel.

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