Takahashi Farm Milk Kobo

Takahashi Farm Milk Kobo

A Sunny Morning Trip to Takahashi Farm Milk Kobo

Last night, after a tiring ski adventure, we chilled at the common dining area at Negula. We were browsing the brochures of recommended attractions nearby, and found an interesting place called Takahashi Farm Milk Kobo, around 10 mins drive from our place. If you’re a fan of fresh dairy products, this is the place to go to! And so this morning, we got up early and drove over. The sky was clear and the weather was amazing! The place wasn’t exactly a farm like Rokkosan, it was actually a cafe. Perhaps there is an actual ranch where the cows were, but we never explored further.

Clear View of Mount Yōtei

Before we headed into the shop, we took a stroll outside. We had the privilege to see the magnificent Mount Yōtei in its entirety. It was really exciting because we lost the chance to get a glimpse of Mount Fuji from Kawaguchiko. Honestly they look just alike, both were huge-ass mountains. Nevertheless, the view was breathtaking. Breathtaking in a sense that it was freezing our butts off and we had to run into the shop to catch our breaths.

Takahashi Farm Milk Kobo
Don’t have Mt Fuji, Mount Yōtei also can, right?

Delicious Creamy Pastries From Takahashi Farm Milk Kobo

Once you step into the cafe, you’ll see a variety of puffs, cakes, ice-cream, yogurt and many more other items. They claimed that everything was made with fresh milk from cows right at the ranches of Takahashi farm. As with all Japanese souvenirs, all the merchandise inside looked so pretty in their packaging. We wished we had the money (and luggage space) to buy everything though.

Takahashi Farm Milk Kobo

We got ourselves a cheese tart and a milk cream puff. The cheese tart was served to us warm. The outside of the tart is soft, the cheese tasted really rich. Heavenly! The cream puff though, was pretty normal, very much like what Beard Papa’s sell. Crispy on the outside and fresh milk cream on the inside. Everything would taste awesome with snow outside the shop and the distant view of a snow-capped mountain.

Takahashi Farm Milk Kobo

Ice Cream in the Sub-Zero Weather

What’s a trip to Japan without eating ice cream? Especially more thrilling because it is freezing right now. The ice cream counter at the shop had so many flavors to choose from, and we were spoilt for choices. Ended up choosing the milk flavor (how could we not try this at a farm) and caramel (it had a “limited” word so we FOMO).

We wanted to capture a nice picture of our ice cream outside with Mount Yōtei in the backdrop. It was also for science, because we wanna know if the ice cream would melt. Indeed it wasn’t melting at all, though we took our own sweet time posing for pictures. We challenged ourselves to finish up the ice cream in the snow outside. But we failed. Had to run back into the cafe to finish it.

It was a fun trip to Takahashi Milk Farm Kobo, and right after this we’ll be heading to the petrol kiosk to refill our tank. And then head for an early lunch at Niseko Ramen Kazahana!

Information About Takahashi Farm Milk Kobo

Address: 888-1 Soga, Niseko, Abuta District, Hokkaido 048-1522, Japan
Opening hours: 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily
Website: https://niseko-takahashi.jp/milkkobo/