Niseko Negula Annupuri

Niseko Negula, a Cozy Lodge in Niseko Annupuri

Niseko Negula is a small relaxing lodge located near Annupuri ski resort. After a 3 hour drive from Sapporo, we finally arrived at our accommodation! Up here at Niseko, the snow perpetually never ends. The sidewalks had significantly thicker snow than what we’ve seen on our way up. Fortunately though, there was ample space right outside their compound and you could just park your car there.

The ski area is only about 5 mins walk from Niseko Negula. However though, we highly suggest you drive there nevertheless. Walking in your ski boots, with your gear in the heavy snow is no joke. We know this because simply walking from our car at the carpark, to the ski area, already killed our muscles.

Helpful and Friendly Guests Services at Niseko Negula

Once we entered, we were greeted by the friendly owner. She then brought us into the common area to place our stuff and keep ourselves warm. The first thing we notice was the woody smell and the light tinge of kerosene in the fireplace. It was a really homely place, modern and superbly clean! She introduced us to the area, and told us to help ourselves to the mini bar. There was free flow drinks in the fridge and some light snacks like nuts and crackers.

Soon, the man in charge, Wataru-san approached us. He was a warm and friendly chap, and explained all the stuff we needed to know around here. He explained that each night they do onsen trips, bringing the guests to different ones each night. They also provide free shuttle services to and from restaurants in the area. It was also Wataru-san whom suggested us to drive down to White Isle for snowmobiling.

Most importantly, Wataru-san also helped us arrange for ski gear rental, and private ski lessons with the Niseko Annupuri Ski & Snowboarding School. Best thing was that the rented gear was clean and of good quality. There was also a tiny basement room where guests store their skis and snowboards. In order to aid the evaporation of melted snow, they installed a heater in the room. Genius.

A Perfect Home-Stay for Our Ski Trip

So our room for this leg was the a twin room with mountain view and a private bathroom. To be honest, the mountain view was lackluster, not exactly what we expected. But it was fine because the room was neat, and it was seperated into a living room with tables, chairs, and the TV, and a loft area for sleeping.

Although our room had a private bathroom, in fact we’ve hardly used it. It was small, as with all other Japanese hotels’ bathrooms. However there were 2 shared bathrooms, for guests who didn’t have private bathrooms. Both were big enough for us, and we shamelessly used the share bathrooms instead.

And of course, it goes without saying that their breakfast was awesome. Three different mornings, we had different meals ranging from Western to Japanese styled dishes. We never regretted picking this accommodation, there’s nothing but praise for this place. If we’ve ever got the chance to be back in Niseko, this is definitely a top contender once again.

Apart from skiing, we had lots of fun and memories with the “snow sled”. It happened on our second night when we were due to return our ski gear. That evening we found a plastic sled at the lodge, supposedly meant for kids. Blatantly took it outside for a spin, and it happened that the snow beside the carpark formed quite a steep slope. We truly enjoyed our time climbing up the slope rolling down into the snow that night!

Information About Niseko Negula

Address: 482-1 Niseko, Abuta District, Hokkaido 048-1511, Japan
Price Per Night: SGD430 for mountain view room with private toilet, including breakfast