Yugokorotei Tonkatsu

Yugokorotei Konayuki Ton Ton

Awesome Tonkatsu in Annupuri Niseko

After settling down at Niseko Negula, we decided to go for lunch first, followed by snowmobiling at White Isle. It wasn’t easy to find a place to eat. In the first place, there weren’t much choices up here. And we drove around to a few restaurants but they are closed. Or rather, close at noon. Not sure why though. People don’t eat lunch in Hokkaido? We tried our luck to look for dining areas in Annupuri, and Google maps suggested a tonkatsu restaurant called Yugokorotei. So why not? Let’s head over and take a look at what they have!

Yugokorotei Tonkatsu

After parking our car, we couldn’t find the entrance to the place. Everything was covered in snow, and there wasn’t anyone in sight. We followed a bunch of folks into the premises, which looked like a Ryokan. Indeed the restaurant was located inside; Yugokorotei is the name of the Ryokan and Konayuki Ton Ton is the restaurant. However, we arrived a little too early, and we had to wait at the lobby for the restaurant to begin operation.

They claim to serve pork from their group’s farm Ecorin Mura in Eniwa. Not that we know where is that, but we suppose it should be quite premium. We ordered two different sets so we get more variety. The classic tonkatsu set and the stewed egg katsudon set. Both meals come with miso soup, potato salad, and some veggies. And unlimited cabbage. Just like what we have in Saboten back home, the sets come with free flow cabbage. I always thought it was a Singaporean thing because free flow rhymes with Singaporean. Now that we have tried the real tonkatsu in Japan, we know our versions are quite legit too.

The best thing about eating here is that you can top up ¥100 to use the onsen. We decided to give it a miss as we will be going to another onsen later at night. There’s no time to waste! Because we are heading to our first adventure of the trip: snowmobiling!

Information About Yugokorotei Konayuki Ton Ton

Address: 438 Niseko, Abuta District, Hokkaido 048-1511, Japan
Opening Hours: 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (except Mondays and Fridays)
Average Price For Lunch: ¥1,800 (dinner prices usually vary)