Shukutsu Panorama Observation Deck

Otaru Shukutsu Panorama Observation Deck

Exploring the Shukutsu Panorama Observation Deck

After a fun time at the Herring Mansion (despite it being closed), we found another place of interest: Otaru Shukutsu Panorama Observation Deck. We read that it is up in an altitude of 70.9 meters above sea level. From where we were at, we could see the observation deck in the distant. Reckon the view would be awesome, so we drove up. Driving up was quite scary, the slope was quite steep and because it was snowy. Nevertheless we made it up in one piece.

Panoramic View of the Sea of Japan and the City of Otaru

We parked out car at the roundabout and got off to enjoy the sea breeze. It wasn’t exactly like a deck nor an attraction per se, it was just a small platform. If you’re near the Otaru Aquarium or the Herring Mansion, then pop by, otherwise don’t bother driving here for this. It was nearing sunset, and needless to say, the view up here was beautiful. At one side, you’d be facing the vast sea of Japan. And at the other side, you’ll see the city of Otaru, the Otaru Aquarium, and the Hiyoriyama Lighthouse.

Since the sky was so clear, and there was also no one else up here, we took the opportunity to spam lots of photos. It wasn’t as cold here as it was up in Niseko, or maybe we’ve already adjusted to the freezing temperatures. We felt like bimbos, cos we were literally taking photos of every single angle, with and without our selfie sticks.

We also took lots of photos with our trusty Xiaobai, the little white car that took us on this journey through the winds and snow. Right after this we’ll be heading back to return the car. We’re gonna miss driving in Japan! Bye for now, and next we’ll be exploring the rest of Sapporo by bus/train!

Information About Otaru Shukutsu Panorama Observation Deck

Address: 3 Chome Shukutsu, Otaru, Hokkaido 047-0047, Japan
Recommended Duration: 30 mins