Day 15 - Back to Singapore

Day 15: Goodbye, and See You Later Japan

2 Weeks of Fun, Laughter, and Walking

Everybody loves to go on vacations. Nobody likes the last day of a holiday. It’s the 3rd time we’re having this depressing moment; this “back to reality” realization moment. For some reason our breakfast was extremely bittersweet. Knowing that we’ll never see these canned coffee nor onigiri for at least a year. We’ll even miss these train tickets! Noooo… See you later, Japan.

It’s Never a Goodbye, Japan, See You Again

As usual, we’d shamelessly get the stewardess to help us snap a pic before all the other passengers start streaming in. We also chiong the Hanakoireki set, but then again regretted after because it was exactly the same. Ok now we know, next time choose other stuff.

In gist, we’ve experienced Tokyo for what it is, Tsukiji, Asakusa, and Shibuya. We’ve visited the legendary Ghibli Museum, and weird-ass horror themed restaurants and arcades. Walked miles across the two best amusement parks in the world – Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea. Saw every color of the autumn foliage, yellow, red, brown, and orange. Got close to nature, seen waterfalls, magma rocks and lava caverns. And got our butts heated in natural hot-spring water. We’ve had two of the best beef in the whole of Japan (if not, the whole wide world), and visited two of the most majestic castles of Japan. As always, we’ll be back!

We live, we love, we travel.

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