Okonomiyaki Ju

Okonomiyaki Ju

Delicious Okonomiyaki in Niseko Annupuri

After we came back from snowmobiling, we got to check in to our room at Niseko Negula. It was really a nice and cosy room, separated into a living room with sofa and chairs, and a loft with beds. We took a moment to enjoy the room, before heading out for dinner and onsen. The staff at Negula introduced us to several nearby eateries, and we picked okonomiyaki for dinner. The staff called the shop, Okonomiyaki Ju, to make a reservation for us because he said the restaurants nearby were often full.

Negula had a nightly onsen visit, and tonight they brought us to Iroha Onsen for us to have an hour in the hot baths. After our bath, the driver arrived back at the onsen area to bring us to Ononomiyaki Ju.

An Extremely Satisfying Meal at Okonomiyaki Ju

In fact, we didn’t even know how we got here. We just had blind faith in our driver who drove in the dimly lit snowing roads. The place isn’t exactly a restaurant. It looked more like a family run business, and this was their house. The dining area held around 5 tables of 4 seats, and there wasn’t anyone else in the shop. The kitchen was right in front of us so we’d see the chefs make our food. We guessed this was their house because on the 2nd level, we could see their rooms. Seems like a pretty cool idea, but if I were them, I wouldn’t pick okonomiyaki as my dish. That’s because the oil and smoke is gonna stain all the furniture and stink up the rooms above!

Okonomiyaki Ju

Anyway, thankfully they had an English menu. We took our pick and ordered the Seafood Okonomiyaki, and a set of Ikasoba. They claimed that their okonomiyaki is authentic Osaka-styled. Indeed, it was as legit and as good as what we had at Houzenji San Pei in Osaka! It was a satisfying meal for our tummies, especially right after the onsen session. Right after our meals, we called Negula and they sent the driver over to pick us up too! We totally dig their hospitality services.

And look what we were doing right outside the shop while waiting for the driver! Our first time in a snowy region, so excited by every little bit of snow.

Information About Okonomiyaki Ju

Address:  263 Soga, Niseko, Abuta District, Hokkaido 048-1522, Japan
Opening Hours: 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily, closed on Wednesdays and third Tuesdays of each month
Average Price: ¥1000 per meal
Website: http://jyuniseko.web.fc2.com/menu.html