Day 1: Hello Sunny Island

Phuket, Home to Thailand’s Best Beaches

Our long awaited holiday is here! This is the first time we are on an overseas trip, hyped and excited over it! Phuket here we come! Minmin hasn’t really been to anywhere else except for her school’s Guangzhou trip. And it is my responsibility to take her for holidays every year whee! Didn’t want to blow my miles on a short journey, so we had to take a budget Scoot flight.

For myself, I’ve been to Thailand several times, but not to Phuket. Experience tells me that the first thing to do is to get our SIM card. In this time, no internet = dead. And off we go to IndoChine Resort & Villas.

Phuket IndoChine Resort & Villas

The resort was simply amazing. Every bit of the area looks beautiful, and we instantly fell in love with this place. Because our room is a bit far from the entrance, the staff there would actually drive us up in their little tuk-tuk. Damn impressed by how he maneuvered up the steep slope.

We had a little balcony that had our own small little pool outside our room but guess what. We did not really fully utilize it because the water is surprisingly cold. Nevertheless, the view out there was breathtaking. Oh and our toilet connects to the balcony, so while taking a dump on the throne, you’d literally be having a breathtaking shit.

After resting out in our room, the hunger set in. So we came up that narrow slope right? In order to go back down, the driver reversed down the slope. Impressiveness level over 9000!

Kalim Rim Lay Restaurant

Did some Googling and decided to head for lunch at the nearby Kalim Bay area. On paper it seems like a 10 minutes walk only. But in fact, there was no proper pedestrian walkway so we had to dodge traffic while walking on the main road. Coupled with the blazing sun and growling tummies, it felt like eternity before we reached.

We ordered the safer and more generic Thai cuisines: a plate of minced meat egg and a bowl of Tom Yum soup. The portion was decent, and the price was cheap. The only drawback was that the place had lots of flies. Nothing to complain about for the price point.

Jungceylon Shopping Mall

Our resort had shuttle bus services to the nearby Jungceylon Shopping Mall, which is our first stop for the day. What that means is, we got to walk back that ungodly path to our resort. As a result we nearly died again.

There wasn’t much to do at the Mall actually. But there was a Starbucks, and I badly need my dosage of caffeine. Not to mention that the blazing heat is killing us slowly. Had to chill out at this place with our cup of ice blended coffee.

Phuket Street Food

When the sky got a little more cloudy, we decided to head out. Along the roads, there are a lot of pushcarts selling street food. The mangoes caught our attention. Bought one of those yellow fruits to consume while strolling around the beach area.

The next thing that we recognize (amongst the gibberish Thai characters) was “PANCAKE – CREPE”. We’re here to pig out and get fat. Thus how can we say no to chocolate banana flavored crepe?

It felt like our tummies never stopped working. Just minutes later we saw this grilled meat seller. I assumed it was pork, but I didn’t want to imagine what else it could be. It tasted like pork at least.

The stores were starting to open up, getting ready for the nightlife soon. Pity we aren’t the bar hopping kind of folks. Went back to Jungceylon to stock up at Big C. As you can see, we’d choose grocery shopping over clubbing. Goes to show our age. Ice-cream is our thing. Bought one outside the mall and caught the upcoming water show before boarding the shuttle bus back to our resort.

And this concludes our first day at Phuket. Tomorrow will be the beachy day!